CPHOA is a non-profit corporation benefiting the common good and general welfare of the subdivision, its homeowners and residents.


CPHOA is granted rights, powers and privileges under the Georgia Non-Profit Corporation Code. The association discharges its duties and obligations as described in its bylaws, covenants, and design and maintenance standards.


Ben Tyber, President

Lisa Helin, Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors

Jim Azar

Bill Baer

Ann Lindner

Ron Rosenthal

Architectural Control Committee

Beverly Swain, Chair

Lisa Helin, Member

Ben Tyber, Member

ACC Meetings

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets the 3rd Monday of every month. All residents wishing to attend are welcome. The agenda includes a Residents Forum at the beginning of each meeting for residents to speak, express their ideas, concerns and comments. Residents can get ACC meeting time and location information by logging in and accessing the Officers, Board and Committees page.

Realtor information

CPHOA is a “Mandatory Membership Association” and homeowners are billed annually for association fees.
Chattahoochee Plantation subdivision and its Homeowners Association are not age restricted.
For more information, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page or on the Contact page.


Is membership in the Homeowners Association required for homeowners of Chattahoochee Plantation subdivision?
Yes. Membership in the Homeowners Association is required and each homeowner automatically becomes a member upon acceptance of a deed to their property.
How do I get a “Closing Letter” for the sale of a home located in Chattahoochee Plantation subdivision?
There is a $10 fee for providing an “Affidavit of Standing”.

Submit your request using the contact form at the bottom of this page or on the Contact page. The CPHOA Secretary will contact you with details for sending payment and any special form(s) required.

CPHOA provides a standard form letter containing:

  • Standing of the current homeowner;
  • Current amount of and period for association dues;
  • Status of any special assessment;
  • Information on any litigation to which CPHOA is a party.

If you require a specific form, please so note in the message section of the contact form.

What is the difference between the Chattahoochee Plantation Homeowners Association (CPHOA) and the Chattahoochee Plantation Community Association (CPCA)?
CPHOA is not directly affiliated with CPCA, other than it is a subdivision located within the geographical boundaries of the CPCA. Neither organization provides financial or administrative support to the other.

CPHOA membership is required for homeowners in Chattahoochee Plantation subdivision. CPCA membership is voluntary.

Do school buses pick up from the neighborhood? Where is the bus stop?
Yes. School buses pick up for Sope Creek Elementary, Dickerson Middle and Walton High School.

The bus stop is located at the entrance to the subdivision, on the southeast corner of Atlanta Country Club Drive and Chattahoochee Plantation Drive.

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